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practical uses for

hyperbaric Oxygen therapy 

HBOT can be safely and effectively used for the management of a wide range of conditions.
international hyperbaric medical association classifies hyperbaric oxygen therapy under 3 tiers 
tier 1 —mild hyperbaric therapy (up to 1.4 ata)
  • Tier 1 chambers are typically "soft," inflatable chambers or made of aluminium using pressurised air at 21 % with a limited flow of 5-8L of oxygen per minute, with 93% oxygen concentration
tier 2— hard chambers,
non-hospital based free standing clinics
(up to 3.0 ata)
  • Tier 2 chambers are considered mid range and deliver medical grade oxygen at a rate of 20-30L per minute with a 96-100% concentration

  • Protocols require greater than 1.5 ATA

  • There are 70 conditions recognised by the International Hyperbaric Medical Foundation requiring higher pressure protocols than Tier 1

  • Conditions are considered investigational and classified as "off label"

  • It is generally understood that HBOT does not directly treat these conditions but may target the physiological processes contributing to them

oxygen4life is a tier 2 clinic 
tier 3 (2.4 ata — 6.0 ATA)
  • Tier 3 covers hospital administered "emergency" and "life threatening" conditions as the pressure is at higher levels.

  • 6 Tier 3 conditions are covered under Medicare

The following is a list of common conditions that may use hyperbaric oxygen as part of adjunctive therapy. 
Please peruse the list and the resources on this site. 
We then invite you to make an appointment if you discover hyperbaric oxygen therapy may be an option for you as part of your existing conditions management strategy. 
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